Are Groundhogs Tearing Up Your Property?

Are Groundhogs Tearing Up Your Property?

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Groundhogs may look cute, but they're actually destructive little rodents who love to dig holes in your lawn. If you're dealing with a groundhog problem, call Wildlife Conflict Resolutions for groundhog removal.

Our team will trap and remove groundhogs from your property at an affordable rate. Since we're open 24/7, we're able to provide emergency animal removal services whenever you need them.

Reach out to our team for groundhog trapping. We provide services in Fredericksburg and Falmouth, VA.

We'll find a lasting solution to your groundhog problem

Groundhogs create huge burrows with multiple entry points, making it difficult to know how serious the problem is. Fortunately, a professional can use proven groundhog trapping methods to eliminate the issue.

Take advantage of our emergency animal removal. Call 540-760-9694 if you need immediate assistance in Fredericksburg or Falmouth, VA.