Keep Your Animals Safe From Foxes

Keep Your Animals Safe From Foxes

We handle fox trapping in Fredericksburg, Falmouth, VA, Caroline, Stafford & Spotsylvania Counties

Has a fox been stalking around your chicken coop? Have your dogs been barking at a fox that keeps returning to your yard? Wildlife Conflict Resolutions can remove a fox or family of foxes from your property. Our animal removal company based in Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA serves Fredericksburg, Falmouth, VA and Stafford, Spotsylvania and Caroline counties.

You can count on our experienced crew for:

  • Fox trapping services, to catch the intruder on your property
  • Fox removal services, to get rid of the fox that made itself at home
  • Fox exclusion services, to keep the problem from happening again
We can easily find and trap foxes near your shed, deck, porch or chicken coop - areas where they're likely to appear. Call 540-760-9694 now to schedule animal removal services.

What attracts foxes?

Foxes are drawn to prey, like small pets, ducks and chickens. They also look for hidden, out-of-the-way homes, like the spaces beneath decks. While they can be dangerous for you to deal with alone, especially if they seem sick, our team can easily cage and remove them.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on fox trapping services.